NEWS – Gordon & McCallum Link Up With Cambiar

A short message to our readers. We don’t usually push our business on this blog, but we think a lot of our colleagues and readers will be interested in this one. We’ve linked up with the leading US research business consultancy, CAMBIAR.  We think it’s good news for clients of both companies as it extends our ability to support clients around the globe and lets us share best practice processes and experience on research transformation, training, geographic expansion and so on.  Read the press release on our website: or contact myself or David if you’d like to know more.

For those anxiously (?) awaiting a more “normal” post from us, Alastair will be putting one up on “Big MR companies and Qualitative Research” within the next 24 hours (or so!).  The second in David’s series on talent recruitment and retention in Asia will come in after that.


Alastair & David.


2 Responses to NEWS – Gordon & McCallum Link Up With Cambiar

  1. As Managing Partner of Cambiar, it’s a real pleasure to formalize our partnership with David and Alastair. We look forward to working with them and you in the future, wherever we can be of help. And we look forward to learning more about the research industry and profession in Asia Pacific!

    • Alastair Gordon says:

      Thanks Simon, we’re noticing that, as the recession eases, more MR clients are realising that competent senior consultants (at least those with structured approaches and decent experience) represent a powerful way to access expertise without taking on huge additional fixed expense. G&M and Cambiar together can hopefully make a big contribution to transforming research processes and helping our clients grow. Should be a fun ride!

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