Butterflies Don’t Innovate: The Real Innovation Challenge for Market Research.

July 21, 2010

Every so often you will see a discussion where we market researchers, with help from the odd client, beat ourselves up about how lacking in innovation we’ve supposedly become, and how conservative we seem to be as an industry. I’m not quite sure where I stand on the debate about how conservative MR people are, but I’m increasingly sure that we often miss the point about what “innovation” in MR really is, and why it matters.

innovation award

The Award Every Agency Wants - But What Do We REALLY Need To Do To Win It?

My view is that far from being super conservative, most researchers are fascinated by “trends” and new ideas. But too often we mistake “trend-following” for “innovation”. We (and I include myself in this) love to discuss all the latest technologies, techniques and re-packaged jargon,  so we flit like butterflies from one new idea to another, never quite developing their potential or integrating the new techniques with old ones.

It’s not “innovation” we lack, it’s “implementation”. David took that point up in a post last year (see: Innovate  or Ossify) suggesting that the biggest issue is not lack of  innovative ideas per se, as a lack of the right people and skill sets to turn ideas into action.

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Master your Craft and Bullet-proof your Career

July 6, 2010

I recently attended an evening audience with Sir Roger Moore at the opulent Art Deco Orpheum Picture Palace on Sydney’s north shore. Although he, himself, admitted to being “no Laurence Olivier”, the erstwhile Agent 007 did give some excellent advice to an aspiring 18 year old actor who asked what was needed to make it to the top of the profession.

First off, Sir Roger pointed out that you needed a lot of luck not only to get your first chance but for it to be the right sort of chance for your style. But, then he emphasised something that is true for all professions and trades, irrespective of time or place, and that was you must learn your craft. Read On..>